About Me

First off, thanks for checking out my bio. I hope you find something interesting. On this page I have decided to tell you things about my self other than writing code. When I'm off the computer you can usually find me running away from technology with a fervor. Finding a balance of deep work, connect with friends, nature and getting a daily dose of adrenaline has been the secret sauce to any of success.

Mammoth Mtn

I started my first career path at 18 joining the San Diego Fire Authority Fire Academy. I would spend the next 4 years in the Fire / EMS industry. Though I eventually came to the conclusion that being a Firefighter Paramedic wasn't a great career fit for me, I learned much more than how to save lives but also a work ethic and life perspective I've carried on.

old man

When I get in the mood, art can be a powerful medium to express emotion and clear my mind. I naturally land on the stoic side, so drawing has always been a great conduit for "connecting to my emotions". The drawing above was just a random elderly man I saw a photo of. I got carried away with making it look a bit haunt-ish. The man was much less deathly looking!

Sadona Bike Park

Camping, backpacking, snowboarding and mountain biking have been a staple in my life for years. I get out on the trials at least 3 days a week, mostly in my local trails in La Costa | Carlsbad, CA. The image above is me sending it at the Sedona AZ bike park.

Well, that's all I'll put here for now. If you have any question or want to hit the trials please shoot me an email.